CNN on Bike Sharing in Washington D.C. (Video)

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Fair Criticism? Or Not
CNN has a video segment about Washington D.C.'s Capital Bikeshare, a bike sharing program with over 1,000 bicycles and 100 stations. The whole thing is pretty positive: They interview people who feel like bike-commuting in such a convenient way has made their lives better and is also helping the environment. But in the piece there's a small piece of criticism that is buried, and I want to highlight it to show how hypocritical it is. But first, check out the video below.Be warned that there's an ad before the video...

Some People Say...
Of course, this being the mainstream media, they had to "balance" the story by including some criticism. They mention that some believe that the city won't recoup all the money it has invested in the bike sharing program. That would be fair criticism if they also mentioned how much money the city is putting into car infrastructure (roads, parkings, dealing with accidents, pollution, noise, etc) and all the indirect fossil fuel subsidies and how that compares. Funny how everything green that gets public support gets scrutinized while the old dirty ways of doing things keep costing us a lot of money without the media noticing. And things are even worse if you dig deeper; a car-dependent city probably has more health problems, which are expensive to deal with, while a more bike and pedestrian friendly city has fewer of those, which not only reduces health costs but also increases productivity.

Update: Some potentially bad news for D.C. cyclists, Gabe Klein has just lost his job as the district's transportation director. We'll keep an eye on who the next director is and what his policies are. Let's hope that he keeps going in the same direction...

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