CMYK Folding Electric Bike: Award Winning Prototype Available in 2010?

CMYK electric bike photo

Image credit: Manuel Saez

From the eZee Quando to the Panasonic Time Off to an electric assist Brompton, electric folding bikes are becoming more common. The folding capacity for transportation, combined with electric assist to avoid a sweaty arrival at work, is an enticing combination for commuters in particular. Now there's a new kid on the block. And it's winning some major awards. I just need to know where I can get one...Created by design guru Manuel Saez, the CMYK bike is apparently designed to fold up in a few easy steps, and running on a 110volt battery, a two-hour charge is said to be enough for a 50 minute ride. The CMYK bike won second place in the People's Design Award at the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum, and top prize in the 2009 Spark Design Awards. It's also been hitting the headlines everywhere from Re-Nest to Ride This Bike. The idea, say its creators, is to complement public transportation and reduce dependence on the motor car.

The only trouble is, I can't get one right now. But Ride This Bike tell us that the CMYK is expected to hit the market some time in 2010, and the price will be somewhere between $600-$800. Definitely one to watch.

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