Clever Bike Repair Station at the University of Virginia


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I stumbled on this image randomly, so I don't have too much information about it except for what I can see. Based on the stickers, it's a bike maintenance/repair station at the University of Virginia, and the station was put there by the sustainability program of the university (any reader going to the UV can confirm?). It's an elegant design: Everything you need is easily accessible, including an air pump and all kinds of tools, and the anti-theft metal wires probably make it more trouble than its worth for vandals to try to steal a few tools. Not only does it help cyclists keep their bikes in good working order, but it also advertises cycling to all students who see it. Great idea, I'd love to see more of those everywhere. Check out Sustainability UVA. See also: In Copenhagen, Even Oil Companies Encourage Cycling with 'Bicycle Care' Stations and Chicago's Awesome McDonald's Cycle Center (Video Tour).Update: Thanks to reader David Tra for sending some additional information about this bike repair station.

University Assists Cyclists With Do-It-Yourself Repair Station
The Department of Parking and Transportation has installed a Dero Bike Fix-It station in front of Clark Hall, which houses the Department of Environmental Sciences. The station consists of a variety of tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, tethered with woven steel cables to a metal stanchion bolted to the sidewalk, plus a hand-operated air pump. Cyclists can hang their bikes on the stanchion and use the tools to make repairs.
U.Va. to Peddle Bikes for Students, and Make It Safer to Ride Them

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