City Bikes: Revolution or Redux? Who Cares!


Wired magazine reported that last month's Interbike 2007 in Las Vegas was dripping in new offerings for the burgeoning 'City Bike' category. "Fancy road and mountain bikes are clearly no longer king of the roost -- or road. It's the scads of fixed-gear, town, single-speed and other urban bicycles that are drawing the crowds." Observing that clothing manufacturers have more messenger bags on show and their jerseys and shorts are more urban with less multi-colored lycra. [Hooray!] Wired notes that Specialized have 34 urban bikes in their catalog for 2008 (like the Centrum above), while quoting Monica Howe, of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as saying "What's really happened in the past year is a cultural shift."

However there is a bit of a subnote to this piece, which also makes mention of Swobo and Bicycle Kitchen, to found in the comments section. Something we find here at TH. Readers are scratching the head saying, and we paraphrase, "$700 USD for a bike I can ride round around town? Without gears? Whoa Bro." Others are asking, "Huh, isn't this what bikes used to be like, before everyone had to have a mountain bike?" Or "Can't I pick up a second hand bike from $30 to $200 that will do all this?" So yeh, it might be a cultural shift for one generation, and a return to roots for another. But let's not worry about it. Rather rejoice. The bottom line is interest in biking is growing, not just for recreation, but also for commuting and general transport. [That calls for another Hooray!]. See after the fold for a few more city bike stories. ::Wired.

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