Chinese Company Plans Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike


Last year, we mentioned China's rush towards fuel cell technology. Although most of this work was intended to break into China's booming consumer auto market, apparently the technology is working its way into the bicycle market as well. Last week the Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Company, aka Pearl Hydrogen, unveiled a brand spankin' new bicycle powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The bike features a pair of hydrogen fuel "bottles" that can propel it up to 100km (62 miles) at 25 kph (15 mph). And, although the bike will retail for just over $2600, the company expects to reduce the price up to 80% once they are able to mass produce it. However, the real problem isn't the price, but the hydrogen itself. Because hydrogen fueling stations are sparse, Pearl is planning to distribute hydrogen for the bikes through a distributor. Just make sure your fuel gage doesn't go near "E."

::Via Green Options

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