China to Buy 60 Million Electric Bikes and Scooters in 2018

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65 Million for the Asia-Pacific Region

A recent forecast predicted that electric bicycle sales would reach 47 million by 2018, with the vast majority of those (42 million units) going to China. That's a lot of e-bikes! Pike Research, who did this forecast, had compiled another one that includes electric bikes, but also other electric two-wheelers like scooters and electric motorcycles. The numbers are impressive, and certain to leave 4-wheel electric vehicles in the dust for a very long time.

Pike Research electric two-wheelers© Pike

As you can see in the table above, the total number of electric 2-wheel vehicles is expected to reach about 45 million next year, and 65 million in 2018. The blue part of the bars in the graph is China, and they totally dominate the rest of Asia-Pacific when it comes to this.

"On a cumulative basis, forecasts Pike, sales in China will reach more than 355 million units by 2018, with cumulative electric two-wheel vehicle sales in Asia Pacific will reach more than 381 million units in 2018."

Lead-acid batteries will still dominate for the next few years because of their lower cost, but as lithium-ion becomes more affordable, it should become a larger fraction of the total.

Via Pike Research, GCC

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