Chainless Hybrid Electric Bike Concept Is Super Sexy

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Images courtesy of Edward Kim

I'm not someone who usually goes gaga over bike designs, especially concept bikes. I like simple and sleek, and a little vintage flare doesn't hurt. But this concept by Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli is undeniably intriguing -- not only because it's an electric bike but because it just looks almost like a bare-bones motorcycle. concept bike image

The INgSOC concept takes the best of two worlds, pulling the aerodynamics of triathlon bikes with the added power from the electric assist technology of commuter bikes. And as Yanko Design says, the result is "unearthly."

concept bike image

The designers went with carbon fiber reinforced polymer for the frame. And the battery is placed discretely in the back, where it can power the motor as well as the front and rear lights and even a docking station for an iPhone which can be used for navigation.

concept bike image

While it looks like something that will probably never make it to market, or cost an arm, leg and first child if it does, it's still a very compelling design. I'm not sure I could see this being used by many city commuters, but definitely by people who want to stand out from the crowd.

If you have questions for the designers, be sure to visit their post where they're collecting comments and questions.
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concept bike image
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