CES 2011: Powerful Bike-Powered Light and Charger by Jooyn

jooyn bike charger photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

There's always a handful of interesting pedal-powered things at CES. This charger by Jooyn looks especially nice. It is a rear-wheel generator that can power bike lights and speaker system, and can charge up other devices with the power stored within the bike light. When charged to full, the powerful light can run for up to three hours with all three LEDs in use, and can charge a cell phone battery to full. The storage battery, which has built-in lithium batteries -- has about an 800 cycle lifespan.

Bike-powered chargers are somewhat common, but the small profile of this one and the handy lighting and sound system options are nice. The company notes that there is very little wear on the rear tire from the generator, though any wear might be too much for some cyclists. If you're a bike commuter, this could be a solid option once it comes to the market.

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