Cask Beverage Delivery: Booze by Trike?

cask beverage delivery tricycle

Image credit: Change Your Life, Ride a Bike

Amsterdam may have its bike-powered pub, but in general it's accepted wisdom that bikes and booze don't mix. Not unless you are Cask Beverage Company of San Francisco, that is—which has joined the long and illustrious tradition of cargo bikes (or trikes, really), delivering artisanal beverages to bars and restaurants across the city by tricycle. At least, we think they do. I came across the company via the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine, which tells me that "Cask's huge selection includes over 300 whiskeys, among them ryes and bourbons bottled just for the store, delivered across the city by tricycle."

Yet not much information is available about the trike service on the website—in fact, confusingly, Change Your Life, Ride a Bike even suggests they don't really deliver by bike. So what's up with that? Is this just a marketing tool, or have folks seen the Cask trike out and about? And here's another question, if it is just a marketing tool—is that a bad thing? I mean, anything that raises the profile of pedal-powered transportation can only be a good thing, no?

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