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Leading bicycle planning and communications consultants at Copenhagenize Design Company have teamed up with the UK's Cyclehoop to create the best cargo bike parking around. They actually teamed up back in early 2013, but the product has just been unveiled.

The motive? Well, cargo bikes need safe and secure places to park as much as any other bikes. A good cargo bike isn't cheap, and it is often much more difficult to find a good spot to park and secure it. Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize has two cargo bikes and has consistently run into problems finding good parking spaces for them, even in the awesome bike city of Copenhagen. Surprisingly, despite having approximately 40,000 cargo bikes roaming its streets, a very tiny amount of parking dedicated to these bikes exists. Mikael writes:

When you use a cargo bike everyday, you want to have it handy. In many cities, like Copenhagen or Frederiksberg, you find yourself pushing it into the back courtyard because of a lack of secure parking on the street. Cargo bikes are objets de désir for thieves and, unlike regular bicycles, the theft of them is often organised. Most Danish brands are good quality and keep a fair chunk of their market price when sold used. People who do park their cargo bikes out in front of the buildings are forced to lock them to signs, drainpipes and other bits and pieces of urbanness. They often take up a lot of space - easily the space of two regular bikes. So our idea was to design an elegant, functional parking solution for cargo bikes. Prioritising cargo bike parking and giving people extra security.

So, Mikael's idea was to design cargo bike parking with the following characteristics:

Functional. Elegant. Unique. Secure. Sense of security. Flexible. Modular.

He drew up some initial ideas and then partnered with Cyclehoop to flesh things out further and complete the design. Together, Mikael and Cyclehoop's Anthony Lau eventually created the beauty featured in the pictures below, "The Copenhagenize Bar."

For more images, more details on the design, and some details regarding the next generation of The Copenhagenize Bar, check out Mikael's article about this hot new thing.

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