Cardboard panniers make it safer and easier to do normal stuff on a bike

Packtasche carrier
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Now this is clever. If people are going to use bikes instead of cars for things like shopping, they have to be able to carry stuff home. Pannier bags are terrific, but they are expensive and a lot of people are nervous about leaving them on their bikes because they might get stolen.

Now two Viennese architecture students have developed the Packtasche, a set of cardboard panniers that you can fold up in seconds, use for shopping with its convenient handle, and stick on your bike. The designers, Matthias Lechner and Philipp Moherndl, tell Adele Peters of Fast Company:

"We wanted to make it as smooth as possible to switch from being a pedestrian to getting on a bike," says Lechner. "You can stop in front of the store, step inside, get a Packtasche, do all your shopping in it, put it on your rack, and you're ready to go."

The intent is to help get people out of cars: "If the bicycle is really to become the means of transport for future generations, it has to succeed in all everyday tasks, such as transporting things and shopping." This is also an excellent thing for cyclist safety; far too many people carry groceries in bags on their handlebars, which is extremely dangerous.

The bike has to be equipped with a rear rack, which is not as common in North America as it is in Europe, and really should be standard on every city bike.

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Cardboard panniers make it safer and easier to do normal stuff on a bike
Now this is clever: architects design cheap folding carriers to make everyday tasks better on a bike.

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