Capital Bikeshare = Great Success! (Video)

114 Stations and 1,100 Bikes in Washington DC
DC's Capital Bikeshare is one more example of what we've been saying for years: Bike sharing rocks! Since its launch in 2008, it has grown up quite a bit, from a modest start to being the biggest bike-sharing program in the country. It's now a popular, green, healthy, and inexpensive way to get around the U.S. federal capital. But it's still growing, with the next phase coming this fall with 18 new docking stations and add 265 more bikes.

The video above shows you how to use Capital Bikeshare, and you can also see a map of all the bike stations.

Pricing is very affordable, with the first 30 minutes of use being free!

Via Streetfilms, Capital Bikeshare
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