Cannondale ON. More Than a Concept?


We've had a few comments recently saying we should post on the Cannondale ON bike, a full wheel folding bicycle, with single sided front and rear 'forks' and an enclosed maintenance-free drive train. Err... we have. In it's early development phase it was known as the Jacknife and then later we linked to the rejigged bike trade show concept version. Following what Cannondale decribe as: "overwhelming positive response from the cycling community and beyond" the company has "committed to bringing the ON concept bike into production in the near future."

Torgny Fjeldskaar, Director of Industrial Design for Cannondale worldwide keeps the tease going: "Urban transport as we know it is about to change forever. In fact, we are currently working on bringing products with similar technology to the market so it's an exciting time for cyclists everywhere. This is technology you're going to want to own." ::Cannondale SketchbookUnless, of course, Cube can get their Urban Street Concept to market first. Although their design heritage does seem rather obvious, even down to the red on white livery (see Cannondale's bike show models).

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