Cannondale Continues the Jacknife (R)evolution


One of our most linked-to bike posts has been the prototype Cannondale Jacknife, conceived by a couple of design students in Barcelona. What excited people about that bike was not only its cool looks, futuristic drive train, but also that it was envisaged as a full sized folding bicycle designed for urban adventures. Alas their concept bike was only made of foam—it couldn’t be ridden.

However, Cannondale obviously picked up on the vigourous vibe the Jacknife generated and decided to see if they could make it fly. The work of their in-house R&D; team suggest the answer might just be in the affirmative The ‘On’ is a still a concept bike and not available for sale. But it can be ridden, employs a custom made drive train that although not hydraulics-based like the Jacknife, is at least innovatively enclosed and fitted to a single rear fork (Mmm, can you call it a fork if it only have one tine?). Although the wheel can apparently still be readily detached. Their skunkworks website has bucketloads of images on the R&D; process, though we observe none that show the main frame folded up. So we include a sketch of how that part is suppose to be achieved. If such evolution continues the days of the classic diamond frame bike might truly be numbered. ::Cannondale On ,via Boing Boing.

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