Can Bikes and Electric Cars Get Along?

There are reasons for urban cyclists to welcome electric cars - they are smaller, their exhaust stinks less than gas-burning autos or not at all, and drivers of EVs might just have a sensibility tuned into sharing the road (though this isn't a certainty).

On the other side of the coin, however, from Green Car Advisors, comes a report on Amsterdamers worried that the local Dutch municipal plan to support electric cars with free power and a big subsidy for the next two years prejudices the bicycle culture in the city.

"Amsterdam wants to have 10,000 electric cars in the city by 2015, and four times that number by 2020. In 30 years, every car in Amsterdam is expected to whir quietly on electricity. The city has already installed 19 charging points in the last month. Motorists can fill up and zip off without dropping a dime." - Green Car Advisors

There are currently more bicycles than car parking places in Amsterdam by far. It is the Dutch cycling union Fietsersbond that is afraid that adding more parking spaces and supporting electric cars will, well, bring more cars.

How can cars and bicycles get along?

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