BYOB: Build Your Own Bambike

Have you looked with longing eyes at the gorgeous Ross Lovegroove Bamboo bike by Biomega, but not quite felt right about the price? Are you a little of a handyman yourself, and fancied having a go at a bamboo cycle? Are you just now finishing the conversion of your diesel Golf to SVO, and looking for a new project? Then Slovakian handyman Brano Meres may have just the idea for you...He is the proud owner of a home-built bamboo bike frame, and has chronicled his journey so that others might do the same. Brano saved himself a load of work and hassle by using pre-made joints and pedal mechanisms originally intended for use with carbon fiber construction. His frame weighs just over four pounds, and is light an responsive just like he planned. Definitely a project worthy of a treehugger. Thanks to Denise for the tip.
:: Bamboo Bike by Brano Meres [by DM]