Butt Comfortable Saddle by Manta Design Looking for Partners


When UK-based Manta Design talks about redesigning they mean it, their lucky victim being the bicycle saddle. With the bicycle having evolved into foldable or solar powered, it seems the saddle has been left behind. Well, it’s catching up with this extensive re-design which drastically improves comfort and safety by offering a larger supported surface area and improved ventilation without restricting the rider’s movement.

‘The surface is made up of a group of articulated levers pivoting about a bearing rail, in line with the bicycle’s top tube. These levers independently follow the opposing movement of the rider's limbs.
Support is provided by the levers as they pivot about their relative epicentres, following the movement made by each opposing segment of a limb. It does feel different... that is the point’

If you’d like to try one of these funky looking saddles you have to be a little patient as Manta Design are currently initiating the production of a model to establish the design in the marketplace. They are however looking for a design assignment, licensing, the right enthusiastic partner or an investor. Manta Design are talking about producing it in Taiwan but have left plenty of scope to develop the design and choose the right materials which for them would be recycled or biodegradable plastics or even machine-able materials such as our beloved bamboo. I guess that would be cool… anyone interested in going for a butt comfortable ride with Manta Design? The web site's login for TreeHuggers is:

User: treehuggervisitor | Password: @mantasite

or contact John Catling for more information. ::Manta Design Limited