Burley Trailers Hang in There


Last week the Eugene-based bike trailer brand Burley, who we noted back here, was financially rescued by a local businessman. While Michael Coughlin has brought the business back from the brink of complete closure, it has meant 39 of the 104 staff will not return to work. The company will now refocus it’s energies on its signature line of bike trailers that help cyclists lug around kids and cargo. Apparently they make about 27,000 of these a year, with 3,000-4,000 currently on back order. The news item we read suggested that cheaper imports had made the bike trailer market exceedingly competitive. Another salient reminder of the benefits of buying local, and not just your groceries. Cheaper and cheaper prices do come at a cost. And that is often born by local communities as jobs go offshore to the lowest bidder of the day. Via ::News Review.