"Bullet on Wheels" Bicycle Shoots for 24 Hour Human-Powered Record


Hot on the heels of yesterday's news of the recent record for human-powered distance covered in an hour comes news that an attempt on the 24 hour record is forthcoming later this month. Using a similar-looking machine, this recumbent bicycle is encapsulated in an aerodynamic carbon-fiber shell and is capable of exceeding 60 miles an hour. Greg Kolodziejzyk, a top 10 age-group finisher in several Ironman triathlons, will assail the 11-year-old record of 634.6 miles (1,021.36 km) sometime between July 19 and 24, depending on weather. The vehicle's shape resembles that of a fish. "We didn't start out thinking 'fish,' but when my designs follow nature, I always feel like I'm headed in the right direction," said designer Ben Eadie. "Natural selection is probably the best design optimization process you can hope for." The record attempt is sanctioned by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. ::Ride Room via ::Jalopnik