Building a Better World, One Delivery at a Time


We learn from Green Daily about The New Amsterdam Project in Boston. It's not just a cargo bike, it's a movement:

"New Amsterdam is what we were. New Amsterdam is what we can become. New
Amsterdam can be American cities that are strong, cohesive, clean, safe,
healthy, and vibrant. New Amsterdam can mean movement that is mindful,
fun, sensible, clean, healthy, and constructive."

They also pick up and deliver.

Currently serving Boston businesses and universities, founder Andrew Brown sees it expanding into a national alliance. "we can create a green infrastructure, and, in so doing, build a stronger, more resilient, self-reliant America." Which is a lot to ask of a cargo bike, but you have to start somewhere.


They design and built them too, making it a truly local enterprise. And where most couriers just have mottoes, they have a mission:

American dependence on fossil fuel is correlated with:

a) potentially disastrous environmental transformations
b) adverse economic impacts
c) profound social problems
d) compromised physical and emotional health
e) reduced security
f) problematic and destructive foreign policy

The New Amsterdam Project aims to improve the transportation experience by encouraging and facilitating movement that:

a) is less destructive to the natural world
b) enhances economic security
c) is pro-social
d) optimizes physical and emotional health
e) is consistent with American energy independence
f) repairs the credibility of the American people and the nation at home and abroad.

::New Amsterdam Project via ::Green Daily
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