Brompton Folding Bike Championships Come to the USA

Image credit: The Cycling Gentleman

If this video of the 3rd annual Brompton World Championships got US folding bike enthusiasts excited, then they'll be delighted that for the first time ever, a national US Brompton championship is to be held in March in Philadelphia. And what's not to like about a bike race where the competitors first have to unfold their steed, and where all participants are required to wear business attire, no sports attire may be visible! (I never did like looking at lycra anyway.) The prizes are pretty awesome too—though they are unlikely to do much for your carbon footprint. The BUSC, or Brompton US championship, is due to be held on Saturday 20th March, 2010, at the Memorial Hall, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and will cover one lap of a 6 mile closed circuit.

Both male and female winners of the category will receive roundtrip airfare and free entry to the Brompton World Championship at Blenheim Palace, England (no word yet on whether the prize includes carbon offsets). Runners up will also win prizes, as will the best dressed competitors.

And while the green purists may question the wisdom of flying folks around the world to promote folding bike use, they'll be delighted to know that the event does also include a parade from the local Amtrak station.

Taken in the context of Brompton's recent product upgrades, this effort to push their brand overseas shows they clearly have their sites set on major international growth.

Anyone thinking of investing in a folding bike should check out Warren's most excellent buyers guide for small-wheeled folding bikes. but be warned, only Bromptons can compete in the Brompton championships. Presumably an electric assist Brompton bike would be considered cheating...

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