Brompton Boosts its Web Presence and Product Line

The brompton folding bicycle

Despite it being one of the most popular folding bikes in the world, and a regular sight on the streets of many cities, The Brompton folding bike doesn’t seem to have featured too heavily on TreeHugger. Sure, we posted about an interview with the inventor way back in 2005, we’ve featured video footage of a do-it-yourself electric assist kit, and the bike did feature fairly heavily in our post on favourite folders, from A to B. However, we’ve never really had a post purely dedicated to The Brompton, so the fact that the UK-based company has significantly revamped its online presence seems like a good enough excuse to us. The new Brompton website features the history and philosophy of the company, as well as details of how the bikes are made by hand in their London factory. We were particularly pleased to see that Brompton has been making significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact, including switching to renewable energy, and they also seem to have increased the range of models and accessories available since we last looked. As mentioned a little while back in Jerry Stifelman’s guest post on green branding and marketing, Brompton are also known for giving genuine, informative shout outs to some of their competitors on their site – a sure sign of confidence in an increasingly crowded market place, and a genuinely helpful tool for an uncertain buyer.

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