Breakfast on Wheels


Now that I am riding a mountain bike, sitting upright and travelling more slowly, I can start doing it with a bit of style. No more sipping water out of a bottle, I could enjoy a gracious cafe au lait and croissant while I rode if I had Philipp Drexler's "breakfast on wheels" or "Bikefast" attachment.


Philip says Verschlafen sie gelegenlich?

Sometimes I do. Now you got to be fast. Dressing, brushing teeth, packing your stuff and go.Barking stomach, what about breakfast?

Not with me! I've got a bikefast!

Jump on your bike and put your breakfast on the tray. Enjoy your meal and don't be afraid, because the cup fits into the tray and the edges provides your food, falling down. ::Philipp Drexler via ::Pan-Dan

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