Brammo to Unveil the 2012 Empulse Next Generation Electric Motorcycle Next Month

Update: The new Empulse has been unveiled, check out the photos here.

Brammo will officially unveiled its next generation electric motorcycle, the 2012 Empulse and Empulse R, in Los Angeles on May 8, but the company has released some details about what looks to be a kick-ass electric motorcycle. As you can see in the promo/preview video above, the new Empulse has a true racing pedigree (check out our review of Charge, a film that documents last year's Isle of Man electric motorcycle race), but thanks to rapid technical progress, it looks like this new generation will leave the previous one in the dust when it comes to range, acceleration, top speed, etc.

Check out those specs (larger version here):

Brammo Electric Motorcycle SpecsBrammo/Screen capture

We'll have to wait until May 8th for all the details (such as the 0 to 60 mph speed) and to see photos of the 2012 Empulse.

While I don't expect Brammo to sell millions of electric motorcycles (though that would be pretty cool!), they are on the cutting edge of the electrification of transportation, and their innovations and clever designs are sure to find their way into other more mainstream vehicles over time (either by imitation, or if Brammo becomes a supplier/technical consultant to a big automaker, for example).

Via Brammo, GCR

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