The Boxer Cycles Rocket cargo bike turns your commute into a trip to outer space

Boxer Cycles Rocket cargo bike
© Boxer Cycles

Quite possibly the coolest looking cargo bike around, the Rocket will not only turn heads, but is also a practical hauler for kids and gear.

I think it's gonna be a long long time... until you park this bike again.

Bikes are great. They're clean, efficient, and fun to ride. Cargo bikes are even better. They're just as fun, and are even more practical, as they can also be used to haul plenty of stuff with you. Art deco cargo trikes are even better-er, at least when it comes to turning heads and feeding a serious case of bike envy from passers-by.

The Boxer Rocket cargo trike evokes the spirit of Jules Verne, and would look right at home in an aircraft hanger, essentially taking cargo bikes to a whole new level of style, without sacrificing functionality. Originally built as a one-off for a customer, the Rocket design was so popular that the cargo bike company has now put it into production, both as a traditional pedaled version and as an e-bike (e-trike?).

The Rocket features a beautiful chassis and aluminum body, which is said to be inspired by the design of airliners and airships from the '30s, with a unique nosecone and integrated headlight, and pseudo wings on the sides, complete with front and rear turn signals. For alerting traffic and other riders around you, a rear tail and brake light help keep you more visible in low light conditions, and a "very loud vehicle horn" will allow you to get the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike.

The cargo area, or "cockpit," has two facing bench seats that can either recline into a bed for sleepy youngsters, or be removed entirely, and a secure storage locker inside the nose cone can be used to hold valuables or store helmets while off the bike.

The Rocket, which is available in four color combinations, can be ordered in an e-bike version, with an integrated 36V 250W electric motor, USB charging port, and an LCD dashboard to display riding speed, distance, and range. An optional "Jet Engine Simulator" offers riders the opportunity to add a bit of sound effects to their commute, which is sure to be a hit with the kids.

I know what you're thinking, because I had the same thought when I first saw it.

"Shut up and take my money."

However, when it comes to the cost of this beauty, it's not something you're going to be able to afford by raiding the piggy bank, unless you're Scrooge McDuck, because the price of the Rocket starts at £4,800 ($7126 USD) and £5,500 ($8165 USD) for the e-bike version. However, if you're looking for a fully functional cargo bike with plenty of panache, and money is no object, Boxer Cycles is taking orders at its website, complete with a unique disclaimer: "We apologise in advance for any future astronauts that are created as a result of ownership."

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