Bottle Opener For Bikes Is Printed To Order


Designboom showed this silly little thing, a bottle opener that fastens to the rails on the underside of a bike saddle. Designed by Jonathan Sabine and Adam Pickard of Chromoly in Montreal, it is also an eye-opener when you hear the price, forty bucks. But another eye-opener is the way it is made and sold: 3D printed out of metal to order.

The designers describe it:

The Road Popper is a bike-mounted bottle opener that we developed for our own use and decided afterward to share. We designed it to fasten discreetly to the rails on the underside of the saddle to help keep your bike looking crisp. So far, it's worked on all the bottle caps we've tried it on. Material options are bronze infused stainless steel. Finish options are plain (on the right in the photograph), matte gold, glossy gold, matte antique bronze, and glossy antique bronze.

When you order it, they have it rapid prototyped by Shapeways in Holland, which ain't cheap. The designers acknowledge this:

Because this product is fabricated to order it is more expensive that it would be under normal manufacturing conditions. For this same reason it takes about 14 working days to arrive.

It also is not particularly green, if you live in North America and are buying from a Montreal designer and shipping it from the Netherlands. But if you live in Amsterdam, it is a great demonstration of how digital design and dematerialization can reduce shipping costs and make great design available to everyone. We will see more of this.

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