Bogota Revisited: StreetFilms Revisits Colombia's Inspiring Example Once More

We’ve written before about the awesome example of urban renewal set by Bogota in Colombia, including a link to the first part of StreetFilms’ inspiring coverage of the city’s initiatives to improve walking, biking and mass transit infrastructure. Now Clarence and the StreetFilm’s crew have posted what they say is their last instalment on the Bogota experience, and once again it’s inspiring stuff. Look out for the fantastic bike infrastructure put in place in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, an interview with the prominent restaurant owner who pushed for pedestrianisation, despite opposition from other business people, and interviews with some of the micro-entrepreneurs offering bike maintenance and other services along the city’s miles and miles of bike routes. And for more hot StreetFilms action, check out their films on everything from raised cross-walks to chicanes to cycling heroes to bicycling sasquatches.

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