Biz by Bike? Maybe it's a Car Wash. Tell Us Your Stories.


We regularly pummel our readers with the idea of riding bicycles as a carbon clean commute to and from work. But what about those of you who actually pedal for your job? Tell us your tales. Are you are bike courier, a postal delivery rider, a cycle cop, or maybe you’re more esoteric, like the gardener who uses an open-top work bike to move tools and materials around. We’ll start the ball rolling here with Peter Alford, who ironically operates a car-wash business from his bicycle. Once a chef in the South African navy, Peter had to look for an new job after a serious car accident (is that more irony?) When his bakkie [aka pick-up] finally packed it in, his daughter bought him a bike so he could keep the business on the road, so to speak. And for the past two years he’s been pedalling to half of his customers, complete with his car-wash equipment. Got a bike based business? Share your experiences, or stories of others you’ve seen. Crank them into our Comments section. Wet car photo by Igor Alecsander.