Bixis Get Bashed In Toronto

bixi toronto accident photo

Images credit Andreawrites

The Bixi bike rental program started in Toronto last week, despite the prevailing attitude in City Hall that cyclists are pinkos. And everyone knows sharing is for commies, anyways. So it is ironic that the forces of evil, wrapped in a big black Lexus, took out a three day old Bixi stand right across the street from City Hall.


The Toronto Bixi program is starting small, and I worried last year, prior to the municipal election, that it would be strangled at birth. It is too early to tell if these photos are of a simple accident or whether they are symbolic of the continuing War on the Bike.

One commenter on CBC news imagines the driver explaining:

I don't know what happened. One minute I was driving along listening to CBC Radio 1 and suddenly the steering wheel was wrenched out of my hand and the next thing I know is my car is attacking all these parked bicycles. It was as if the car did it on purpose!

I mean, how does a car go flying across Bay Street and end up in a bike rack? It's gotta be a plot.

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