Biktrix changes gears to create the 'world's most comfortable' electric bike

Biktrix Stunner ebike
© Biktrix

With an upright riding position, plenty of power and range, and premium components, the company's new Stunner ebike promises to be an economical and fun way to get around.

Just over a year ago, I wrote about a campaign for a new electric bike - an electric fat bike, to be precise - from the Canadian bike company Biktrix, which was not only successful on Kickstarter, but which was also well-received by the bike's backers. Now, Biktrix is back with another take on the electric bike, but instead of targeting the riders of fat bikes, this new version is taking aim at the mainstream and entry-level cyclist market with an affordable cruiser-style setup that looks like it would be an excellent choice for both bike commuting and cycling for pleasure.

One of the selling points of the Biktrix Juggernaut was its affordability, at least when compared to some of the other purpose-built electric bikes, as its sub-$2000 price tag offered virtually the same features found on other high-quality e-bikes costing quite a bit more. The new bike, dubbed the Stunner, follows that same trend of affordability, but promises to offer a more comfortable ride, while also delivering a great all-around bicycling experience for all levels of riders.

2 types of electric bikes exist in the market today:

1. Cheap, sub $1500 electric bikes with a lot of reliablity issues.
2. High quality, premium electric bikes that cost over $2500.

We at Biktrix believe that the world needs a third type of electric bike: Top quality, Reliable, Useful and Comfortable electric bike that does not break the bank. Hence we made the Stunner for under $1400.

The Stunner, which is available for pledges of $1350 USD to the campaign by December 7th, 2015, comes in two basic versions, a standard frame and a step-thru frame, both with a 36V 500W (900W peak) mid-mounted crank motor but with additional options for its drivetrain, including a manually-shifted 7-speed derailleur and two different internally-geared hubs (3- and 7-speed). The Stunner runs standard sized tires (26" x 2.5") and has traditional V-brakes on both the front and rear wheels, and includes a "comfort" saddle with suspension seatpost, as well as a kickstand for ease in parking and storing the bike.

Power for the Stunner's electric drive comes from a 36V 10.4Ah Samsung Li-ion battery pack (which can also be swapped out with virtually any other 36V battery pack with the same dimensions if desired), which is said to be capable of driving the bike up to a top speed of 32kph/20mph, for a range of up to 37 miles with pedal assist or 12 miles with the e-drive alone. Included are a front LED headlight, a rear LED light, and an LCD display for info on battery charge and trip stats, and the back-swept handlebars and adjustable handlebar stem, along with the cruiser frame geometry, allow for an easy upright riding position. The bike weighs in at about 22.5kg/50lb with the battery installed, and has a total load capacity of about 125kg/275lb.

Backers of the project on Indiegogo can choose between grey and off-white frames, as well as between types of gearing systems (manual 7-speed derailleur, 3-speed internal hub, and 7-speed internal hub), although the internally geared hubs have a bit higher of a price tag. The completed Stunner bikes are expected to be shipped in March of 2016.

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