Biking Is In Vogue (But You Don't Need Fashion to Bike)

At TreeHugger, we love biking – women on wheels, families biking, and cool new bike innovation. It's all good.

So of course we have to love it when Vogue embraces bikes as part of their trends for 'pre-fall' style.

And, yes, the premier fashion magazine is bound to push things a little to the extreme - that's a high-fashion hallmark.

We give Vogue kudos for featuring affordable bikes along with the predictable over-the-top Chanel bike.

Hopefully the takeaway message is this: absolutely take a look at how the arbiters of American style matched up pretty bikes with far-out new fashion. Then do your own thing.

Biking is clean, green fun, and it doesn't require fancy or pricy outfits to make it a great method of mobility. In fact, lots of the Vogue choices look easily found at local thrift shops.

'Style over speed' is a fine cycling philosophy. Just so you don't think 'primping your ride' means you have to get expensive duds to look good.

See Vogue's bike+fashion combos online.

Biking Is In Vogue (But You Don't Need Fashion to Bike)
Since we love biking, we love when bikes inspire the mainstream. Biking is so good, however, that all you need are two good wheels and your own personal style to get going.

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