Bikestation - Providing the Facilities that Cyclists Deserve


Yesterday we brought you an inspiring video of a Bike Move, which basically consists of friends moving an entire household, couches, tables and all, using nothing but pedal power. Now BikeTV bring us another great example of bike culture, namely a video of Seattle’s Bikestation – a secure parking space for urban cyclists. We actually reported on the concept of Bikestations back in 2005, but it looks like they are now up and running in a number of cities, primarily on the West Coast of the US. Not only do these stations provide a clean, safe space for storing your bike, secured by key card access, but they also team up with Flexcar to provide the option of car sharing clubs too. It’s great to see such infrastructure being built for the modern cyclist – maybe the days of locking our trusty two-wheeled friend to the nearest lamppost, and hoping it’s still there when we return, are now numbered. ::BikeStation::via BikeTV::

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