Bikes Sales Outpace Cars and Trucks!


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While news of the four-wheel variety remains bleak with news that GM is on the brink of bankruptcy, news for the two wheel set is mostly good. In fact, more bicycles were bought in the first quarter of 2009 than cars and trucks. That's change I can believe in.As Dennis Markatos points out, the news isn't all good. Overall, bicycle sales are down 30 percent for the year, yet the news that bikes are outperforming cars warms my heart. In total, around 2.6 million bicycles were sold, compared to less than 2.5 million cars and trucks.

Dennis also points out that gas prices are on the rise, making it possible that the trend will continue for a while. The question is: How do we keep it going?

Talk climate
The climate crisis is in full effect and we all should be looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint. Replacing the car commute with a bike ride is a sure fire way to limit your impact. Driving a car emits more than 1 pound of CO2 per mile, while bikes emit next to nothing.

Talk fitness
At a recent stage of the Giro D'Italia, American racer Chris Horner burned almost 7,000 calories in one day! While most of us won't be climbing the Dolomites any time soon, riding a bike is great exercise that's easy on your joints and muscles.

Talk infrastructure
A lot of people choose cars and trucks over bikes because of safety concerns. We can entice more cyclists to hit the road by loudly advocating for bike lanes and secure bike parking. The other day I got valet bike parking at the San Francisco Giants baseball game, which made my day! Please support your local bicycle advocacy organization.

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