Bikes Not Bombs Has Job Vacancies


Every time we do a story about a bicycle reuse or repair program someone is bound to chime in with, "what about Bikes Not Bombs?" OK, we apologise for neglecting them for so long. And timely that we should bring them to the front page of TreeHugger, because they currently have job openings for three positions. You could be their new Executive Director, Bike Shop Sales Manager or Fundraising Intern. But why would you want to be? Well BNB is a "non-profit organization working for alternative transportation and community development. The group operates the Bicycle Recycling and Youth Training Center in Roxbury, MA, to promote environmental education, meaningful employment, and safe sustainable communities, both here in Roxbury and abroad." To this end they have "sent over 22,000 bikes to Central America, the Caribbean and Africa in the last 20 years." More recently they ahve been working closely with the Village Bicycle Project in Ghana, West Africa who have the beneficiaries of some 2,000 two wheelers from BNB. That youth training centre mentioned above provides a bucketload of bike related programs including Earn A Bike, whereby kids get to repair and build their own bike to keep (like Recycle-a-Bike in New York). Sounds like a cool place to work. ::Bikes Not Bombs.