Bikes in Ontario are 8% Cheaper Today


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It was promised earlier and delivered today: As of December 1, there is no 8% provincial sales tax on helmets, safety gear and bikes under $1,000 in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Premier Dalton McGuinty calls it a "Christmas treat for our families.'' Earlier he said "We want to encourage more Ontarians to get outdoors, spend time riding bikes as a family and with friends, or to try riding to work if possible, leaving the car at home," said Premier McGuinty. "Together, we're building a culture of health and well-being across Ontario by encouraging more families to embrace active living."


Always double-lock your bike! Ned Lyttelton

Other new initiatives to get us off our butts planned for Ontario:

-Requiring 20 minutes of daily physical activity and banning the sale of junk food in schools
-Giving every Ontarian the right to be free from second-hand smoke with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, which bans smoking in public spaces and workplaces
-Protecting the Greenbelt, 1.8 million acres of greenspace
-Creating the Ontario Trails Strategy to develop a world-class system of diversified recreational trails
-Retail Sales Tax exemption for nicotine replacement therapies.

"I hope today's announcement will mean a few more families can afford to ride together," McGuinty said. And I hope a few more Ontarians will decide to try commuting by bike instead of by car."

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