Bikes get Breakfast on Bridges

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Some cities ignore cyclists; others pay lip service to them; once again, Portland, Oregon demonstrates how a city can go out of its way to promote cycling as a viable alternative to the car. Tom Vanderbilt tells us that they feed you coffee and doughnuts. He proposes cocktails and peanuts for the ride home.

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It appears to be effective. The Oregonian's Joseph Rose writes:

I'm proof that Shift's monthly Breakfast on the Bridges works. The thinking is people will bicycle to work across the river if they're met with free coffee and pastries on Portland's bridges. Yes, as my wife will tell you, I'm highly trainable. On the last Friday of every month, I make it a point to commute by bike. so that I can get my Voodoo Doughnut fix on the Broadway Bridge.

What a good idea. Tom's proposal for the ride home isn't so bad either.

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