Bikes From 2008 DNC Donated to Colorado U Boulder

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The University of Colorado - Boulder just received 50 more Schwinn bikes to add to their fleet of Adopt-A-Bikes, now making it 150 strong. The bikes were used at the DNC and RNC conventions this year as part of a Bikes Belong projects from Humana Insurance. Bikes were free to convention-goers and are now free to students to improve sustainable transportation on campus. The bike sharing program allows students to "borrow" the bike and lock it up for a week or even years. Organizers of the program then keep in contact with the bikers and find out about challenges to the biking program that they can improve upon.

The Adopt-A-Bike program was launched in 2006 by the on-campus Bike Club as part of a Sustainable Campus grant program. Boulder recently announced that it would make a 40-acre bike park and is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US. Now that students can rent bikes on campus, it increases the likelihood that students living off campus can commute in on two wheels instead of four, thus saving parking space and keeping additional cars off the road.

The University of Minnesota may soon have a similar program coming to its campus this spring. The City of Minneapolis, host of the 2008 RNC Convention, also enjoyed the Bikes Belong bike-sharing program during the convention and is looking at 1,000 fleet strong bike sharing program at 75 locations around the city in place by May 2009. The program would charge a one-time annual fee and then users would get free half-hour increment use, and would be charged if they use it for longer. This is similar to a bike-sharing program set up in Paris and encourages a high turnover rate instead of allowing bikes to sit idle in front of office buildings all day long.

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