Bikes for the World Need a Storage Site. Can You Help?

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Bikes for the World donates used bicycles to non-profit community programs in Africa and Central America "to enable the poor to hold jobs, attend school, and obtain health services." To date they've processed about 50,000 bikes valued at over $2 million USD. But now they'd like your help. They're seeking space to house the bikes (ideally gratis or low rent), before they get shipped off to international destinations. If you know anyone who can assist, you'd be supporting a great cause.In 2010 the Bikes for the World network (faith communities, schools, scout troops, civic clubs, and businesses) donated 9,000 bikes, many of which will find their way into the hands and feet of people like Kiwanuka Wilson (left), a Ugandan farmer, aged 78 years who grows bananas and coffee, using his bike to transport coffee seedlings and bananas to market.

Or Muwonge Jalia (right) a Ugandan widow with 5 children. Muwonge shares her bicycle with members of the Kayunga District Farmers Group to travel to markets, health centers, and for personal businesses.

Currently Bikes for the World rent-free storage site of the past six years (Northern Virginia, USA) is up for redevelopment, and they need to find somewhere to park their five 40' truck trailers which house the bicycles. Contact Keith Oberg at 703-525-0931 or if you can help.

Read more about the organisation's great work at Bikes for the World.

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