Bikes Are New York Fringe? Even The Wall Street Journal Says Not

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After about a year reading about the bike wars in New York, it is lovely to read such a supportive article in the Wall Street Journal, of all places. Jason Gay writes that the mania has been eclipsed by reality.

That's the beauty of a bike, a simple machine with two wheels and zero ideology. When you can turn a pedal and feel safe, it's fun and makes sense...Bikes are New York fringe? Email your friends. Ask how many of them own bikes. Then ask how many of them own cars. If more of them say they own cars, look out the window. You live in Connecticut.

He then deals with worries that upcoming bike sharing programs will cause chaos:

....that ghastly kiosks will clutter the sidewalks, that it's another example of urban planning gone amok. Right, of course! Paris installed bike sharing a few years ago, and now look at it. It's completely ruined; nobody goes to Paris anymore.

He concludes:

Look all around you. The bikes have won, and it's not a terrible thing.

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