Bike Winter in the City Of Angels

Ah, don't ya just love people who know how to promote their wares without having to wade through a maze of verbiage. Thus we quote: "What is Bike Winter? Los Angeles is a Bike Winter kind of place. We got climate and wide boulevards. No snow, no sleet, and none of that crappy salt that will ruin your paint job and pants. [wot, no sea salt?] The whole thing started with LA Bike Summer 2005- over 100 bike events in 5 weeks. We were hooked. Bike Autumn was DIY, then Bike Winter happened for ten glorious days in January 06. A tradition was born. Now it's time for Bike Winter 2007. February, 07. It's on. Rides. Parties. Races. Everything in between. If it's got something to do with bikes, sign us up. Everyone can put on an event and many people do. Bring on the spandex, the cupcake rides, the hot cocoa tours, the crack of dawn sprints, all night detournements, trail rides, urban exploring, suburban terrorizing, hill racing, ruckus brewing, psychogeographical, costumed freakshows and more. Add your two-wheeled fantasy to the calendar. See you in the streets." Of course you can glean more specific detail on wotz happening between 2 -14 Feb by visiting their website, which we happily provide for your websurfing (and biking) pleasure. ::Bike LA. Pic from

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