Bike Transforms Into Shopping Cart, Leaves No Excuses for Driving to the Store

bike turns into shopping cart image

Images via Yanko Design

Riding your bike to the farmer's market or store rather than driving is a great way to trim down your carbon footprint. But the excuses can still pour forward from reluctant riders -- "I don't want my bike to get stolen while I'm inside," or "I don't have baskets on my bike to carry things home," or "What if I buy too much and can't fit it on my bike?" A new concept bike that transforms into a shopping cart solves all these concerns and leaves little room for other excuses for driving rather then pedaling to the store. Designer Hyuk-Jae Chang came up with the Ville, The Urban Folding Bicycle. It's not just another folding bike that shrinks up so you can take it on a train or plane. Nope, this one serves a purpose even when folded.

bike turns into shopping cart image

It transforms easily from a bicycle to a shopping cart in just four steps, and the designer even thought of simple push-button for folding the bike into its new shape.

While it seems a little contradictory that you could cut your carbon footprint by cycling only to raise it by shopping, if you're shopping at the farmer's market for local food, or making other carbon-savvy purchases, then it is a seriously green design. We're hoping this concept design finds its way into the market place.

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