Bike to Work with Timbuk2

Timbuk2 Bike to Work Kit

Hey-ho, it's Bike to Work Day and Timbuk2 has released a Bike to Work Kit, in both men's and women's versions. Each kit comes with a Bag in a Box (really just an overpackaged $100 gift card), a limited-edition organic-cotton Timbuk2 Bike to Work tee, the official San Francisco bike map, and membership to the San Francisco Bike Coalition, which we're assuming is only useful if you actually live in San Francisco. (Bike to Work Week ends tomorrow.)

While we're on the subject of Timbuk2, let us kvetch about the disappearance of the Sustainable category door on its Web site, which originally led us to some earth-hugging hemp/organic-cotton messenger and tote bags. Why, Timbuk2, why? Where did the love go? We were so GOOD together. Don't tell us you didn't feel anything when you eliminated PVC from your bags. (Our pleading e-mail was ignored, which made us beat our chests and rend our garments in despair.)

Sure, the new Hemp/PET messenger bags make up for the hurt a tad, but trust us when we say we'll never be the same again. :: Timbuk2

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