Bike-To-Work Week


This week is U.S. Bike-To-Work Week, culminating in Bike to Work Day on Friday 19 May 06. The League of American Bicyclists offer a few reasons why cycle commuting is a good idea. They suggest that three hours of riding per week can cut the risk of heart disease and stoke by half. That to maintain a car for a year is more than $3,000 dollars, compared to less than $300 for a bike. And our use of motorised vehicles contributes to 70% of all carbon monoxide emissions, 45% of nitrogen oxide and 34% of hydrocarbons. The League have an online list of the major events taking place by state. According to one news article, less than 1% of U.S. workers regularly cycle to work. But a federal transportation bill is apparently set to double funds available for both pedestrian and bike facilities to $4 billion USD. And it looks like a tax incentive might be on the way to reward those who ride to work. ::Bike-To-Work Week, via San Francisco Gate.

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