Bike That Beats Childhood Obesity - Why Not For Adults?

obesity fighting bicycle123GoTV/Screen capture

123GoTV might at first glance seem like a Ginzu knife type product. 123GoTV is a standard bike training stand, with a special transmitter that attaches from the training stand to your TV. When you pedal, the wireless transmitter signals to the TV (cable or satellite) to activate. When pedaling stops, the TV shows only a blue screen until pedaling resumes.

123GoTV's marketers are betting that kids will pedal for their screen time - the creator, Margie Mullen, had her own son in mind when she came up with the gadget. That seems like a missed opportunity to me.

As a culture we all, adults and kids, need to slim down, and simultaneously both adults and kids tend to watch too many screens (upwards of 8 hours per day). With 33.8% of adults considered obese and just 17% of children and adolescents aged 2—19 year obese. why is 123GoTV marketing so exclusively to the younger set?

The 123GoTV training stand is currently made only for 16 to 20 inch wheels, though the company says to contact it if a smaller or larger bicycle is to be used.

Of course, bike trainers have been around for a long time. The secret here is that the wireless transmitter connects instant entertainment (which we all seem to need) with bicycle fitness (which we all do need). It also aid people who don't want to go to the gym (where you can zone out but not completely escape prying eyes) or have realized, as Bill Nye the Science Guy points out, that driving to the gym to get on a treadmill is a kind of modern insanity.

Attaching a bike to anything and everything is getting to be a bit of a national pasttime - we also have written about the Kickstand bike desk that lets you work and ride, the FitDesk that does the same, and a DIY treadmill desk that lets you work and walk.

Because we are slavishly connected to our electronics, I think the 123GoTV desk has these all beat. Now there's only one piece missing - the ability of the bike pedaling to power the TV as well as control whether you watch it.

Bike That Beats Childhood Obesity - Why Not For Adults?
Bike stand plus transmitter allows you to keep the TV going by pedaling. Funny, they peddle this to kids, but we adults need it just as much.

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