Bike to Baggage in 3 Seconds: The Mobiky Genius


Whoops, we've been sprung. Ana of Portugal has dug through our vast archival library and discovered we are bereft of the Mobiky Genius. How slack is that? For about $700 you get an aluminium framed and rimmed bicycle, with 12' wheels, that folds into hand luggage is a mere three secs. And the scissors-like folding action still allows the wheels to hang down, so you can trundle the Genius along without needing to carry it. Though there is a built-in padded handle for when you do have to lift or carry its 13 kg (~30 lbs). A three speed sealed Sturmey Archer Hub (read minimal maintenance) provides some assistance on hills, for a bike that is said to suit riders of 130 — 195 cm height, weighing up to 110 kg (4'3" — 6' and 240 lbs, for metrically challenged). The French designed folder comes complete with folding pedals, bell, fenders (mudguards), kickstand, and carry bag. A suspension stem saddle is available as an option. And if green trim is not your thing, then try cobalt, dark blue, orange or red. The Genius is said to ride like any standard diamond frame bike, though it is ideally suited to short urban distances. Or mixed commutes - riding from home to local train station and thence from city station to the office. Ana so loves her Genius that she started spreading the word in Portugal. Six out of six Amazon reviewers rate it a full five stars, for function and cool. ::Mobiky Europe and ::Mobiky USA.