Bike Story: Dr. Janice Turner from Sustainable South Bronx (Video)

Lead by example, get involved in local NGOs

Here's another nice 'bike story' interview by our friends at Streetfilms. This one is with Doctor janice Turner from the South Bronx. She's been biking for decades, and as a board member of Sustainable South Bronx, she believes that a lot more can be done to help keep the people who live in the area - especially children - healthier and living a greener lifestyle.

Not everybody should, or can, ride a bike. There will always be people for whom it's physically impossible, or places where it's simply impractical (especially in more rural areas). But in densely populated cities where most things are fairly close, everybody should be taught to bike safely and have access to high-quality infrastructure (bike lanes, bike racks, etc).

Via Streetfilms

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Bike Story: Dr. Janice Turner from Sustainable South Bronx (Video)
Here's a quick profile of a long-time cyclist who is helping her community become healthier and greener.

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