Bike Sharing Keeps Moving Forward: Now In The Interior Of Argentina

Bike Sharing In Santa Fe Argentina - Photo

Photo: Santa Fe Government.
It may be faltering in Barcelona, but bike sharing is definitely moving forward in more than 200 cities around the world. The latest addition to the trend in South America is a new program in Santa Fe province, about 300 miles from Buenos Aires.While the Buenos Aires government keeps adding stations to the recently launched local bicing, the Santa Fe program was launched with only 15 bikes and one station, which is pretty lame to use as a transport alternative. But they announced they are adding 45 new bikes and two more stations this week.

Argentina seems to be very bad with naming these programs: this one is called 'Subite a la bici' or 'Get on the bike' --not as catchy as Bixi, obviously. And both the Buenos Aires and the Santa Fe bicings are also extremely low tech: they rely on people to hand the bikes down and receive them back instead of an automated system, which kind of slows the process. One more downside of both: they are closed at night.

Leaving all that aside, it's really interesting to see bike sharing growing here, despite everyone's profound mistrust in ourselves: the first comment the press prints after the launch of these programs is "Nobody stole or broke any bikes yet."

There doesn't seem to be a website for the Santa Fe bicing, but more on the Buenos Aires one here.

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