A bike ring that doesn't scratch your bike- It's made of rubber

Found at Toronto's Interior Design Show 2014

Bike rings and racks are necessary evils that can often scratch your bike if you are not really careful. I have also seen bike thieves just bang bikes back and forth against the ring, hoping that the lock pops. Evidently it often does.

loopKelly Rossiter/CC BY 2.0

Ottawa design consultancy The Federal Inc. has come up with a better idea. Designer Ian Murchison demonstrates how the Loop bike ring bends and flexes. No need to worry about thieves with sharp knives either:

The rack features a steel base for easy anchoring into any surface, consistent with current installation methods. The main body is a durable, UV resistant, strong but still flexible rubber with an internal high-strength steel chain. The chain provides a backup security measure to slow thieves who may cut the rubber.

maple set© The Federal Inc

Interestingly, the partners in The Federal both used to work for RIM designing accessories for Blackberry phones. There has been a lot of worry in Canada about what will happen to all of the smart people who worked there; now we see one strategy, people opening their own businesses. They already have a Red Dot award for their clever maple knives. This is a young firm to watch.

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