A bike ring that doesn't scratch your bike- It's made of rubber

Loop ring
© The Federal Inc

Found at Toronto's Interior Design Show 2014

Bike rings and racks are necessary evils that can often scratch your bike if you are not really careful. I have also seen bike thieves just bang bikes back and forth against the ring, hoping that the lock pops. Evidently it often does.

loopKelly Rossiter/CC BY 2.0
Ottawa design consultancy The Federal Inc. has come up with a better idea. Designer Ian Murchison demonstrates how the Loop bike ring bends and flexes. No need to worry about thieves with sharp knives either:

The rack features a steel base for easy anchoring into any surface, consistent with current installation methods. The main body is a durable, UV resistant, strong but still flexible rubber with an internal high-strength steel chain. The chain provides a backup security measure to slow thieves who may cut the rubber.

Interestingly, the partners in The Federal both used to work for RIM designing accessories for Blackberry phones. There has been a lot of worry in Canada about what will happen to all of the smart people who worked there; now we see one strategy, people opening their own businesses. They already have a Red Dot award for their clever maple knives. This is a young firm to watch.

A bike ring that doesn't scratch your bike- It's made of rubber
The Federal Inc. bike ring bends and flexes, but is still secure.

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