Bike Repair App: A Bike Repair Shop in Your Pocket!

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Image: Bike Repair screenshot.

For iPhone, iPad, and Android

Bike Repair HD is an inexpensive app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that can help you both learn how to do most of your bike maintenance yourself and save some money (at $2.99, the app pays for itself quickly if it avoids you trips to the bike repair shop). It covers more than 50 most common bicycle problems and solutions where instructions were explained in step by step, supported by more than 150 "studio quality photos". Check out the video demo below.

Want a Closer Look at this App?

For more pics, there's a screenshot gallery. And there's a list of the different problems that the app tells you how to solve and reviews of the app.

The Bike Repair App is available in both English and French.

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You can follow them on Twitter here: @BikeRepairApp (not terribly active, but at least you can get updates on new versions and such).

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