Bike Rack BirdHouse Holds Your Helmet Too

bikerack birdhouse photo

Images credit Dimini

Bikes can be a problem when you live in small spaces. One approach is to design a special bike like Graham Hill did with his Thinbike; another is to get it off the floor. TreeHugger has shown wall mounts that are utilitarian and others that are elegant; Lauren Thomas and Jennifer Karam of Dimini have designed a cute and clever bike hanger that holds a helmet, too.

bikerack birdhouse closeup photo

The cute little bike rack birdhouse mounts on the wall (the slats in the image are not part of it, nor are they necessary). It's handmade from mahogany plywood and finished with all natural non-toxic beeswax and linseed oil.

bikerack birdhouse assembly photo

In their tumblr, Lauren wonders "Oh man, I hope people like bike racks that look like birdhouses!" At around $ 200 each, I suspect people will.

bikerack birdhouse art crawl photo

Found at Toronto's Queen West Art Crawl. More at Design by Dimini
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